Best Personal Checking Bonuses in March 2024

Best Personal Checking Bonuses in March 2024

Best Personal Checking Bonuses in March 2024

On the hunt for a new bank or want to switch banks? Hold on! Many banks are offering enticing bonuses to attract new customers. We’ve scoured the details to bring you the hottest personal checking account bonuses available right now.

Bonus bonanza! Here are some highlights:

  • Fast and Easy: Citi® Enhanced Deposits – $300 Bonus. This is a great pick for those who want a straightforward bonus. Just open a new Citi checking account with direct deposit by July 8th, 2024, make a couple of direct deposits totaling at least $1,500 within 90 days, and you’ll earn a cool $300. Plus, no monthly fees if you keep at least $250 coming in each month via direct deposit.
  • Flexible Bonuses: SoFi Checking and Savings – Up to $300 Bonus. If you’re looking for a bonus that fits your banking habits, SoFi Checking and Savings might be your match. Open an account by June 30th, 2024 and set up direct deposit. The more you directly deposit (with a minimum of $1,000 total deposits within 25 days), the bigger your bonus! You can snag anywhere from $50 to $300. Students and young adults ages 17 through 23 qualify for additional perks, such as no monthly maintenance fee and no minimum balance requirements.
  • High Rollers Welcome: PNC Virtual Wallet – Up to $400 Bonus. Calling all those who make big deposits! PNC Virtual Wallet is offering a bonus of up to $400 depending on how much you directly deposit within 60 days of opening your account. The more you deposit, the more you earn – with a top bonus of $400 for deposits of $5,000 or more.

But wait, there’s more! This blog post just scratches the surface. We’ve included details on many other fantastic offers. Be sure to check them out to find the perfect fit for your banking needs.

Here are some additional tips for finding the best checking account bonus:

  • Consider the bonus amount and requirements. How much is the bonus, and what do you need to do to earn it?
  • Think about your banking habits. Do you meet the direct deposit requirements? How much do you typically keep in your checking account?
  • Compare monthly fees. Some accounts have monthly fees that can eat into your bonus.

With so many great options available, you’re sure to find a checking account bonus that puts some extra cash in your pocket!

Here’s a quick table summarizing the Bonus Offers:

Citi®$300Direct Deposits ($1,500 total within 90 days of opening)Open new eligible Citi checking account with Enhanced Direct Deposits. No monthly service fee with $250+ in direct deposits.
SoFiUp to $300Direct Deposits ($1,000 min total in 25 days)Open new SoFi Checking and Savings account. Bonus tiers based on deposit amount. Students/young adults (17-23) get no monthly fees/minimum balance requirements.
BMO Smart Advantage$250Direct Deposits ($4,000 total within 90 days of opening)Open new BMO Smart Advantage Account. Unlimited transactions at in-network ATMs, $0 monthly fee with paperless statements, no minimum balance.
PNC Virtual WalletUp to $400Direct Deposits (Varies by account type)Open new PNC Virtual Wallet. Bonus amount depends on direct deposit amount within 60 days. Offer varies by location.
Truist One$400Direct Deposits & Debit Card Purchases (Direct deposit of $500+ & 15 debit card purchases within 90 days)Open new Truist One Checking account with coupon code TRUIST400AFL24. Available in specific states only.
TD Bank Beyond Checking℠$300Direct Deposits ($2,500+ within 60 days)Apply online for TD Bank Beyond Checking℠ account. Monthly fee waived if you meet specific requirements. Available in specific states only.
Chase Total Checking®$300Direct Deposit ($500+ within 90 days of enrollment)Open new Chase Total Checking® account. Monthly fee waived if you meet specific requirements

Best Personal Checking Bonuses in March 2024

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