17 Ways to Make Money Online (Some in Under 24 Hours!)

17 Ways to Make Money Online (Some in Under 24 Hours!

17 Ways to Make Money Online (Some in Under 24 Hours!)

Looking for ways to boost your income or even start a side hustle? The internet offers a surprising number of opportunities to make money, from quick sign-up bonuses to ongoing gigs that can turn into real earners. This post explores 17 different methods, including some that can pay you within 24 hours!

Quick Cash

  1. Bank Churning: Open bank accounts to earn bonuses! Be aware of fees and requirements. (Examples: Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America)
  2. Credit Card Bonuses (US only): Maximize your rewards with these lucrative offers, but spend responsibly! (American Express)

Surveys and Micro-Tasks

  1. Surveys on the Go App: Earn on-the-go with this convenient app.
  2. Prolific: Universities offer research surveys with good pay.
  3. Ferception: Get paid to test websites and mobile apps.

Online Businesses and Side Hustles

  1. CashKick: Earn by playing games and completing surveys.
  2. SpeakWrite: Become a transcriber and set your own hours.
  3. Merch by Amazon: Create and sell your own branded merchandise. (Design tools: 99Designs, Creative Market)
  4. PromptBase: Sell AI prompts to creative professionals.
  5. Wyzant: Tutor online and share your knowledge for a premium.

Sharing Your Skills

  1. Preply: Language tutors rejoice! Teach others and earn.

The Creative Edge

  1. Selling AI Artwork: Turn your AI creations into profit. (Platforms: MidJourney, Leonardo AI)

Website Feedback and User Testing

  1. UserTesting: Provide feedback on websites and get paid!

Transcription Gigs

  1. Rev.com: Another platform for transcription jobs.

Sharing Your Expertise

  1. Clarity.fm: Offer advice and consultations for a fee.

Affiliate Marketing

  1. ClickBank: Promote other people’s products and earn commissions.

Content Creation

  1. Listverse: Get paid to write interesting lists!


  • Do your research before signing up for any program.
  • Read reviews and check legitimacy.
  • Be wary of anything that sounds too good to be true.

This list is just a starting point! With a little effort and exploration, you can find ways to make money online that fit your interests and schedule. Happy earning!

17 Ways to Make Money Online (Some in Under 24 Hours!)

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