Streamlined Transcription: Fast Profits

Streamlined Transcription: Fast Profits

Streamlined Transcription: Fast Profits

Would you like to acquire a valuable skill that enables you to generate up to $20 for a mere ten minutes of work? This technique revolves around transcribing videos online, but here’s the exciting part: you won’t have to do the transcription manually. Instead, we’ll utilize an automated tool to streamline the process. Let’s dive in and explore the steps!

Step 1: Promote your services on reputable platforms like Rev, Upwork, or Fiverr.

Step 2: Once you receive an assignment, employ the power of tools like YouTube or Adobe Premiere to automate the transcription process.

Step 3: Export the transcribed file and promptly deliver it to your client.

Automatically Generate Subtitles on YouTube :

Step 1: Access YouTube and upload your video as an unlisted item.

Step 2: Ensure the accuracy of your captions by editing them. Navigate to the video dashboard and select “edit details.”

Step 3: Click on “subtitles,” followed by “duplicate and edit.”

Step 4: Make necessary modifications to the subtitles as per your requirements.

Step 5: Select “publish,” then “download,” and finally, “.SRT.” Voila! You now possess a subtitles file that you can promptly deliver to your client.

Automatically Generate Subtitles on Adobe Premiere :

Step 1: Drag and drop your video onto the Adobe Premiere platform.

Step 2: Click on the “workspaces” icon and opt for “captions and graphics.”

Step 3: Choose “Create a transcription.”

Step 4: If your video features only one speaker, select “No, don’t separate speakers” and proceed to click on “transcribe.”

Step 5: Carefully review the captions for any grammar errors or inaccuracies and make necessary adjustments.

Step 6: Choose “Create captions.”

Step 7: Click on “export” and select “captions.”

Step 8: Within the export options, opt for “create sidecar file.” This ensures that you solely have the captions file to deliver to your client. Remember to mark the space for “include SRT styling.”

Step 9: Click on “export.”

That’s it! You have successfully generated the desired captions file.

This efficient process can typically be completed within 10 minutes for a 20-minute video, allowing you to transcribe numerous videos and maximize your income potential.

Streamlined Transcription: Fast Profits

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