Monetize Your Ideas: MindSumo

Monetize Your Ideas: MindSumo

Are you aware that you can earn money by helping businesses solve their problems? MindSumo is a platform where you can provide innovative ideas to companies and receive rewards for your contributions. The payout for some offers can range from $800 to over $10,000, which is divided among the top three answers. The more highly ranked your answer is, the more money you can receive. Even the lowest payout can be considered positive when you consider the minimal effort required for the process.

To submit your ideas on MindSumo, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create an account on MindSumo.

Step 2: Choose the “problem solver” option after logging in.

Step 3: Select an offer to begin searching for a solution.

Step 4: Use Google to search for the answer.

Step 5: Paste the information you find on Google Docs.

Step 6: Download your curated articles as a PDF from Google Docs.

Step 7: Go back to the MindSumo offer and click “I have an Idea.”

Step 8: Add a title and copy the information from Google Drive.

Step 9: Paste your research and source links on the MindSumo submission form.

Step 10: Wait for the review process, which typically takes up to eight days. Once your answer is accepted, you will be able to participate in the payout process and get paid.

Once you start using MindSumo more frequently, you can easily convert your Google Doc articles into PDFs and paste the links in the submission form. This process will become faster and more efficient over time.

In conclusion, MindSumo is an excellent opportunity to earn money by providing innovative solutions to businesses. Use Google to research solutions, curate your articles on Google Docs, and submit them to MindSumo to start earning.

Monetize Your Ideas: MindSumo

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Monetize Your Ideas: MindSumo

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