How to make money with AI-generated lo-fi beats

How to make money with AI-generated lo-fi beats

Many people, just like you, have attempted to unwind while working or studying by listening to lo-fi music. In fact, millions of individuals listen to these videos on YouTube every day to find tranquility while carrying out their daily tasks.

Have you ever considered how much revenue these YouTube channels generate based on the amount of views they receive? Some of these channels earn an impressive $90k to $1M annually on the higher end. Today, I’d like to demonstrate how you can achieve the same.

How to make money with AI-generated lo-fi beats

To start your own niche-specific YouTube channel and monetize it, follow these steps:

  1. Create your footage using Midjourney or Pexels.
  2. Choose background music using paid options like Mubert or AiVa to ensure you can monetize your videos.
  3. Find affiliate offers on Clickbank, Digistore24.
  4. Edit your video and add music and sound.
  5. Create a new YouTube channel for your niche-specific content.
  6. Post your videos on your channel.
  7. Repeat this process periodically.

Keep these things in mind:

  1. Only use copyright-free footage to monetize your videos.
  2. If you cannot afford paid music options or lack the views and subscribers required to monetize, credit the author when using copyrighted music to grow your community.
  3. You can earn income from your channel by selling merch, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing. Use that money to buy subscriptions for non-copyrighted music.

That’s all it takes to run a self-sufficient YouTube channel. I hope this technique proves useful to you.

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How to make money with AI-generated lo-fi beats

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