How To Advertise A Blog

How To Advertise A Blog

How To Advertise A Blog

What Is Blogging?

1. A bait to generate traffic

Blog is a good bait to attract traffic to your website.

  • First, if your blog is search engine optimized, it is a good bait to hook search engine traffic.
  • Second, if you provide useful information on your blog, it is a good bait to hook more traffic through social networks, forums and referrals from other bloggers.
  • Third, if you have a list, it is a good bait to bring your list back to your website with new posts.

2. A means to build trust

Blog helps to build trust in several ways.

  • First, if you have a list, blogging allows you to connect with your list better. You can update them with what’s new on your website, or even share your joy, frustration and sadness. It is a good bonding tool.
  • Second, for someone who is new to your website, when they see that you have a regularly updated blog, especially one with a personal touch, they are more likely to trust you and the product/service that you offer.
  • Third, with a decent blog, it is easier to get other bloggers and marketers to partner with you.

Remember, trust = confidence, confidence = sales.

The thing is, you don’t advertise a blog. You only advertise a sales page.

A blog post can be a sales page, but it must meet the criteria of a sales page.

You also have to make sure that there are some good comments in that blog post. If you try to advertise a blog post with no comment, you are better off advertising a standalone sales page.

How you advertise your blog-post-style sales page depends on your business model.

Affiliated product

If you promote an affiliated product, you should advertise a blog post that presells that product.

MLM business

If you promote an MLM business, you should promote your system or opt-in offer.

Ecommerce or service business

If you promote your ecommerce or service business, you are better off preparing a separate sales page rather than presenting it as a blog post. But if you have an active blog for that business, add a link to the blog from the sales page.

In the past, I thought that sending people from a sales page to a blog will reduce the conversion rate, since you send traffic away from the sales page. But my later tests show that doing so can actually increase the conversion rate because people know that you are real and you really provide values.

Make sure that you open the link to your blog in a new window, so that your prospects do not navigate away from the sales page.

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